Immediately made the competition feel sub-par.

March 27, 2018 in College reviews, Reviews

On behalf of the Murray State Bass Anglers, I would like to commend OT for their outstanding customer service and exceptional products. We received our jerseys in a timely manner, exactly how we wanted them, and they looked even better than we expected! When I put on my OT jersey for the first time, it immediately made the competition feel sub-par. Working with OT has been a pleasure compared to past experiences with jersey manufacturers. They are always there when I need to get in contact with them, and they’ve kept me informed throughout the whole process. These are the most comfortable, breathable, and professional jerseys I have ever had the privilege to wear. To say that we are happy would be an understatement.

– Nick Inzeo & Murray State Bass Anglers

5 out of 5, I will never be ordering from anyone else!

March 22, 2018 in College reviews, Reviews

Hi everyone! Tony Schultz here with VMI Bass Fishing. I don’t think there is way to put into words how helpful and efficient Keith and company were over at OT. My original order with another jersey company had left me stranded and without a jersey for multiple upcoming events. After talking with Keith, I had a jersey designed, ordered and delivered in time for my first event. OT is 100%, 5 out of 5, and I will never be ordering from anyone else other than OT!

Tony Schultz
VMI Bass Fishing

The best experience

March 22, 2018 in College reviews, Reviews

A huge thank you to OT! We are so excited to get our new jerseys and they look sick! We had the best experience working with Keith and his team to get exactly what we wanted and design a jersey that is unprecedented and delivered on time! Be sure to tell them CNU sent you.


Service that is unmatched.

March 16, 2018 in College reviews, Reviews

Wow!!! OT Wear is incredible to work with. OT Wear isn’t just some company that sends you through an automated system or a secretary where you are left out in the dry to eventually end up having to leave a voicemail and hope someone calls back. Keith Pittman, the owner, is incredible at what he does and will make sure that the product you receive is exactly what you want. OT goes out of their way to provide phenomenal customer service from the start. OT had us from day one with their quick responses, desire to help, and really putting it all out on the line for our team. Our first conversation with Keith lasted at least an hour as he told us about his journey to creating this company and building it from the ground up. We reached out to OT because we really needed to make a personal connection with someone who was willing to take our jerseys to the next level. If you want a company that is going to make your customers feel like they are just as important as anyone else and that they’ve got a company that they can trust in, this is the company for you. This company has shown us customer service that is unmatched. This means just as much to the owner of the company, Keith, as it does to us, the consumer. Keith reached out to us with any questions, any ideas, and really made our jersey what it is… incredible. Our jerseys came our incredible, better than we could have ever imagined, and incorporated many different ideas that for us were even hard to visualize coming together. BUT OT Wear really made it happen. It’s not everyday you get a group of guys into a room and have their jaws drop at how good their tournament wear looks and how excited they are to get those jerseys out on the water. To Keith and everyone else at OT, we can’t thank you enough for working so hard with us to make our jerseys. We have created a lasting friendship and are glad to have you apart of our fishing family.

If you want a company that’s personable and will go over and above your expectations, look no further than OT Wear.

— Anna Patterson, Presbyterian College of South Carolina