Custom Jersey Design Request

Please answer the following questions to get started on your custom jersey design. No idea what you want? Let us know - we're happy to work with you on developing an idea from scratch.  All custom orders require a TWO ITEM minimum purchase - 2 jerseys, a jersey and hoodie, 2 hoodies, etc.

Step 1: Complete this form.

Your completed form will be sent directly to our design team, and we'll send you an invoice.

Step 2: We design your jersey.

After payment is received, our design team will contact you with any questions about your design needs.

Step 3: Receive custom proof.

We'll send you a proof of your design for approval or editing.

Step 4: Approval & production.

Once art is approved your design will move into production. We'll provide tracking once your order ships, and deliver your custom jersey within 30 business days, guaranteed.

Sizing Chart

Logo Policies

The process of collecting usable logos can be time consuming, please help us speed up that process and ensure you get your custom jersey on time by reading through the following information.


When filling out the order form to the right, please be sure to enter its position on the jersey. Our Logo Placement Guide uses a handy numbering system to help us place your logo precisely; feel free to list multiple numbers if you'd like a larger logo or exact positioning. Please also indicate on the form if you'd like to include multiple logos; we will reach out to you once we've received your request to obtain the additional logos.

Logo Formats

It's very important that you provide us with high quality, vector logo files. When enlarged, these files do not 'pixelate' or become fuzzy. Typically vector file formats include .ai, .eps, or.pdf (though these types of files may still contain non-vector bitmap images that we can't use). Please send us what you have and we will let you know if it doesn't work; typically images copied for the internet (.jpg or .png), business card scans, and photos or bitmaps almost never work. If you cannot provide a vector version of the logo you wish to use, we can assist in finding or creating one for an additional fee.

Permission and Filming Considerations

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to use a logo on your custom jersey product. Once we've received your design request, we'll send you a form to complete that verifies your permissions. Also keep in mind that if you will be competing in tournaments that will be televised, those tournaments will likely have rules about which sponsor or non-sponsor logos they are allowed to show on film.


Contact us at: Email:

P: 812-212-4126

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Jersey Details - required

Garment style:
Short sleevedLong sleevedHoodie

Jersey collar type:
Round collarZip collarHoodie

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Logo Details

Do you want additional logos on your jersey?

Please list additional logos you'd like to use.

Please refer to our Logo Placement Guide for positions.

Is this jersey for tournament use? Please select which series you will be fishing:

EliteFLWBASSCollegiateHigh SchoolNoneOther:

Additional Garment Details

Please complete this section if you'd like to order a different style of garment using the same logos.

Garment style:
Short sleevedLong sleevedHoodieNone

Jersey collar type:
Round collarZip collarHoodieNone

Current Jersey Details

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Do you have any other ideas or examples to help us create your custom design? If so, please attach them here.

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