"THE MOST COMFORTABLE performance shirt I've ever put on."

It has been a pleasure working with Keith and the crew at Outdoor Tech wear, everything from the customer service to the quality product they offer.

I contacted Outdoor Tech when I was referred to them for custom outdoor clothing and tournament fishing jerseys. What first started off as an inquiry about a custom shirt for myself turned into a two hour phone call with the owner Keith, about an idea I had for my own business regarding apparel for a brand I created in the fishing community. After 5 minutes on the phone it was evident I was talking with a quality, respectful, family man who understood what it meant to have an idea with limited resources.

I have never experienced customer service/loyalty like this before in my life. I have also never seen someone with such a passion for helping people that after one phone call this man took me under his wing and in 2 weeks got me further along than I could do in months on my own. The machine that is the people at Outdoor Tech wear don't turn off either, as Keith has called me at 10:30 pm with ideas for my brand because they mean as much to him as they do to me. He has gotten me proofs the same day we come up with an idea and put the first run of shirts we designed in my hand in 2 weeks.

Now let's talk about the quality..... oh my god! The hooded performance shirt is THE MOST COMFORTABLE performance shirt I've ever put on. The quality right down to the tag that is also sublimated into the fabric absolutely blew me away. I'm proud to say Outdoor Tech wear has made a customer for life and more importantly I have made a friend in Keith. I have no idea how I'm going to repay him for all of this but I won't ever stop trying.

-Steven Vullo
Fishing With Attitude

  • “First time in our new jerseys and we got first place - we've gotten the most compliments on our jerseys!”
    Tallulah Falls School
  • “The jerseys look amazing, we can't wait for our first tournament! ”
    Fellowship Academy, Texas
  • Thank you OT you truly make the best jerseys in the business. I have been wearing jerseys for years and my OT jerseys are unmatched in quality and comfort.
    Scott Martin
    Professional Angler
  • “This company has shown us service that is unmatched.
    Anna Patterson – Presbyterian College of South Carolina
  • If you need a personalizes shirt made Keith and his people are the once you need to get in touch with. These are all made in the USA !!!
    Harold Neeley
  • I thought they had great service my jersey was sent to me in the time they gave me. I definitely recommend them and I will also be ordering another one for myself.
    William Noles
  • I've known Keith for a few years, and in that time I've learned he's a man of dedication. Dedication to all that he does, and it shows in his work. OT Wear is a high quality brand that I'm proud to wear. Any one who knows me, knows that I'm all about a company that not only provides a quality product, but also provides top notch customer service and customer experience. Keith goes above and beyond, not just in his product but also in his commitment to his customers. Always a pleasure doing business with him and absolutely love my new jersey from him. His design far exceeded my expectations, not to mention turn around time and overall quality of product.
    James V LoDuca
  • I've had the pleasure of working with Keith and getting to know him over the past several years. I called him a few weeks ago to ask if he could rush a few jerseys for my wife and I to wear to the annual franchisee convention for Coastal Angler Magazine. He told me no problem and promised they would arrive by 9/21. Within two days, he sent me a proof for approval. We received the jerseys two days early on 9/19. The jerseys fit perfectly and the quality is second to none. We couldn't be happier. Thank you Keith Pittman and OutdoorTechWear for going above and beyond. We will be ordering some more jerseys in the near future.
    Gene Dyer
    Editor and Publisher, Coastal Angler Magazine Fort Lauderdale
  • 100% custom design.... in 3 weeks I had the jersey in hand. I have done busines with many company's and this one is by far the best, no crazy emails back and forth it was I'm looking for this, sent my logos and after a phone call or two it was done.I would give 10 stars if possible an extra 5 for the customer service the first 5 was because the American made jersey was over the top!!
    Sam Currens
  • Outdoortechwear has blown me out of the water with the way they create art in apparel. I was contacted by Mr. Pittman (the company's owner) and immediately wanted to have a jersey designed by this company. He gave me a number to call and we had an hour long conversation on how he creates every jersey or custom print. I was immediately astounded. All information went through him, no secrataries, no automated messages, no second hand information, just straight from the source itself. Then the design process arrives, everyones least favorite part, unless you are working with Outdoortechwear! Every jersey is custom crafted, and none of them start with a pre-designed pattern! They even can create logos if you don't have one! The process was fast and any kind of adjustment s I needed, they did quickly and executed it flawlessly! The process was something no other jersey company has ever made it be; fun, quick, and easy. The folks at Outdoortechwear are the best at what they do, and I know I will never buy from any other jersey company again!
    Billy Burt
  • I have purchased fishing jerseys from 3 different companies before Outdoor Technologies. Not a single ones quality is in the same ball park as OT! Let alone the wonderful customer service and crazy fast turn around time! Outdoor Technologies is everything you look for when buying a fishing jersey! A high quality product, outstanding customer service ,comfortability, affordable prices, USA made, and you will have your jersey within 30 DAYS after proof! Thanks OT!
    Bailey Boutries