Outdoor Technologies has blown me out of the water with the way they create art in apparel. I was contacted by Mr. Pittman (the company’s owner) and immediately wanted to have a jersey designed by this company. He gave me a number to call and we had an hour long conversation on how he creates every jersey or custom print. I was immediately astounded. All information went through him — no secretaries, no automated messages, no second hand information, just straight from the source itself. Then the design process arrives, everyones least favorite part, unless you are working with Outdoor Technologies! Every jersey is custom crafted, and none of them start with a pre-designed pattern! They even can create logos if you don’t have one! The process was fast and any kind of adjustments I needed, they did quickly and executed flawlessly! After the final proof was signed off on, I knew I had the best looking jersey around. I was given notice that I would receive my jersey and custom shirts within 30 days. I received them within 20 days instead! When I tore open the packages I was astounded by what I was holding, the jersey was way better than I could have ever expected! Once I put it on, it was glued to my chest and I could not take it off, it was the most comfortable jersey I had ever worn! It is light and durable, and is vented so well it truly takes work to break a sweat in it! The custom athletic shirts are even more comfortable and feel as if you aren’t even wearing a shirt at all! The process was something no other company has ever made it be; fun, quick, and easy. They have comfortable, affordable athletic gear that will leave you speechless, just like it did to me. If you need any custom apparel; whether it be for a sporting event, or just a few shirts for the friends, you need to try Outdoor Technologies! The folks at Outdoor Technologies are the best at what they do, and I know I will never buy from any other jersey company again!

Billy Burt